Savant Database
We've been going strong since 2004, with a hiatus during the pandemic years.
This is us (a little while ago)
If you're interested in contributing, or have any questions about dancing with us, please contact us at, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook
We dance on Saturdays: Introductory session at 7:00 p.m. and dance at 7:30-10:00. Admission $14.
Things to NOTE: Bring soft-soled indoor shoes for dancing (a hall rental requirement to protect the floor).
Dances are fragrance-free AND masks are optional.
We're here to dance! Let's make everyone comfortable.
Date Location Caller Band Notes
Mar 25 St. Matthias Anne Glover
& Maya Roe
The Odd Hack Band
Apr 15 St. Luke's Doug Paterson The Tradewells
Apr 29 St. Matthias Galen Armstrong The Odd Hack Band
May 13 St. Luke's Maureen Collier Shinndig
Jun 03 St. Matthias Anne Glover Nancy Grossert
& Dave Marshall
Jun 17 St. Luke's Anne Glover The Dancehall Players
Sep 16 St. Luke's Anne Glover
& Maya Roe
Sep 30 St. Luke's Galen Armstrong The Tradewells
Oct 14 St. Luke's Doug Paterson Shinndig
Oct 28 St. Matthias Anne Glover The Odd Hack Band
Nov 18 St. Luke's Galen Armstrong Shinndig
Dec 02 St. Matthias Doug Paterson The Odd Hack Band
What is contra dance?
See also introductory session with George Marshall
Resources and more links: CDSS Country Song & Dance Society
Where do we go when we want to dance within driving distance of home?
Vancouver Contra Dance held every other Saturday, St. James Hall
Lake City Contra Dance held every Thursday night
Emerald City Contra Dance ("Phinney") held every Friday night
Port Angeles:
Black Diamond Community Dance first Saturdays
See also Port Angeles Community Contra Dance (Facebook)
Bellingham Country Dance Society every other Saturday
Dance weekends that we never, ever miss:
Supersonic Contra Dance held in Seattle first weekend in February (2023)
Chehalis Contra Dance Camp 3rd weekend in September, new location: Sullivan Community Hall in Surrey
Dance weekends that we've attended, love, and plan to return to:
Hey Fever (Ottawa Contra Dance) held in Ottawa
Lady of the Lake (Idaho, N-Sid-Sen) camp and conference centre, eastern shore of Coeur d'Alene Lake
Epicentre (North Bay Country Dance), held in San Francisco
Contra Carnival (Central Coast Country Dance Society) held in San Louis Obispo, California
Dance weeks we have our eyes on but haven't yet made the journey:
Tropical Dance Vacation (run by George Marshall, St. Croix and Hawaii )